Poster Art Contest: Winners Announced!

We've selected our $1,000 winner, and felt so inspired, we decided to award more!"What is a Goodship?" That was the prompt for the Poster Art Contest we kicked off last month. We wanted you to dream big, get weird and draw a Goodship of your own invention. Well, we are very excited to present 32 magical Goodships from 16 incredible artists from across the globe.[gallery link="none" size="large" ids="51982,51952,52058,51951,51956,51971,51974,51969,51958,51955,51972,51960,51957,51970,51945,51961,51959,51967,51965,51990,51964,51963,52059,51953,51962,51949,51950,51968"] When we first set out to run this contest, we had no clue how many entries we would get. We had never run a contest like this before, but as a company who has a track record and strong relationship with the artists and culture-makers of Seattle, we looked for a way to broaden our reach outside of the state and welcome all participants and all mediums. Originally, the plan was to pick one winner who would be awarded $1,000 andposters with the winning art to be hung in participating retail stores across Washington. But after being overwhelmingly inspired by all of the entries, we decided that wasn't enough. We are pleased to announce that in addition to our 1st place prize, we will be awarding five runner-ups with $200 and postcard prints of their artwork! Goodship is truly honored to have such amazing people give their talent, time, and awesomeness to this art challenge, so thank you to everyone who participated. After much deliberation, it gives us great joy to announce that we have selected our winners for the 2017 Goodship Poster Art Contest. All aboard! 



AALCHEMYJeff JamesKelsi HooperRosie EdholmTavichon Chomtaveevirut



Zac CullerCongratulations to all of the incredible artists who contributed their talent, time, and immense creativity to this contest. You truly inspire us all! With appreciation and admiration, Team Goodship