Interview with a Witch: Bri Luna and Witchcraft in the 21st Century

We went on our own witch hunt this spring, looking for someone that could help us understand witchcraft in the age of the internet, the age of Trump and the rise of feminine power across a spectrum of political and social issues. It just felt like the season of the witch, and this convergence of mysticism, feminism, sexuality and self-empowerment isn’t going away – it is getting stronger. And we started making inquiries, reading articles, asking for recommendations, and all arrows pointed to Bri Luna. There she was in Vice Magazine talking about Sex Magic, and again in Vogue talking about the power of stiletto nails, and again in the New York Times explaining the rise of mysticism in a technology saturated world. We competed with the thousands of emails she receives from fans and young witches (and always a few haters) and finally had the chance to sit down with her in person. And over a few glasses of red wine in a dark bar, we had a plan, and an interview to bring to our next Higher Education lecture happening November 15th. Get your tickets! The belief in, and practice of, witchcraft predates recorded history. It is found in both primitive and advanced societies throughout the world, rooted in a belief system bound by magic, the supernatural and medicine. The role of the witch spans from doctor to fortune teller to defender of justice, though they have suffered a long and violent history of misunderstanding, fear and persecution. Being a practitioner of witchcraft could lead to exile, prosecution, and execution. Even in the 21st century, violence against witches is on the rise, with the haunting reality that these acts of violence are predominantly against women.

For our upcoming Higher Education lecture, The Goodship welcomes Bri Luna, founder of The Hoodwitch, for a conversation exploring the misconceptions and realities of being a witch, and the pulse of witchcraft in the 21st century. From technology to feminism to casting spells, Luna shares her family history and personal practices in witchcraft and the some of the realities behind centuries of misconceptions. There will be live music by Earth & Ceremony and a complementary (un-infused) confection bar provided by the Goodship. For info and tickets, please visit our ticketing page. To learn more about Bri, visit The Hoodwitch.


You must be 21+ to attend. NO CONSUMPTION OF CANNABIS ON VENUE PREMISES. Goodship events may be video recorded. Goodship reminds you to consume responsibly, and to never consume cannabis and drive.