biggest seattle based art show

Out of Sight Steps Into View

A Seattle art survey, featuring over 100 PNW artists under one roof.
Lines of people edge the walls to the entrance, excitement building over the chance to see the efforts of over 100 Seattle-based artists under one roof. The glowing clock tower holds watch from above while Amtrak train cars pass through the bright and baroque station below. In between, on the long-time abandoned third floor of the historic King Street Station, is the Out of Sight art fair.


Thursday marked the event’s grand opening, and The Goodship was there to help launch the festivities.

Out of Sight, a contemporary art survey of the Pacific Northwest, is the ambitious design of Greg Lundgren, a friend of The Goodship’s and local creative extraordinaire. With fellow curators Kirsten Anderson, Sharon Arnold and Sierra Stinson, Out of Sight is a showcase of the immense and sometimes overlooked talent of our region. As gushingly proud supporters of Out of Sight, The Goodship was lucky enough to bring together friends, teammates and partners to enjoy the first preview of the art, just before the grand opening party.

The Goodship party was full of music, cheersing, and most notably, the talented Kyler Martz creating a more permanent art by way of Goodship-inspired tattoos. All gravy on top of the striking variety of installations, sculptures, paintings and photography represented across the 24,000 square feet of raw, industrial space that is Out of Sight. We weren’t the only ones that felt like Out of Sight stole the limelight from the nearby Seattle Art Fair. And the NY Times report on the Seattle Art Fair closed with a sentiment from Greg Lundgren and Out of Sight.

While the Out of Sight launch event has come to a bittersweet end, the art will be up until August 21 and available for private showing. For more information, visit the Out of Sight Facebook page here.