The Goodship Guide to Edible Cannabis

A beginner’s guide or helpful refresher.

The legal recreational marijuana market can be a new and confusing place for consumers, especially when it comes to edible cannabis.Most people have experienced some form of what we like to call “edible roulette.” You know what we mean, that one time you tried your cousin’s homemade pot brownie, freaked out, and swore off edibles for the rest of your life.

But with voters passing I-502 in Washington state, legalizing recreational marijuana, the days of edible roulette are becoming a thing of the past. Each batch of THC must be state-tested and approved, and most companies also do in-house testing to confirm accurate levels of this psychoactive ingredient. So as someone who wants to give legal pot a try, what’s next?

The accuracy is there, which is a great start. But that doesn’t necessarily make exploring edible cannabis any easier. What are milligrams of THC, and how many milligrams of THC will make me feel high? How many milligrams will make me feel too high? Will different pot edibles lead to different kinds of highs? How is eating pot different than smoking it?

As sympathizers of navigating this bizarre new world of legal marijuana, The Goodship has created this guide to give consumers some basic information on the in’s and out’s of the world of recreational edibles. Check out The Goodship Guide to Edible Cannabis to learn how to safely eat and enjoy pot edibles. Look out for copies of this pamphlet in your favorite local pot shop.