Cannabis Wedding Hacks: Making Weddings Great Again

Cannabis Wedding Hacks: Making Weddings Great Again

There are all types of weddings. Some people spend a fortune, some people get thrifty and just make it look like it cost a million bucks.


There are small weddings and absurdly large weddings, some held in churches and some on sandy beaches. How fun a wedding is has a lot more to do with the guest list than it does the price tag, but there are always a few ways to ensure that people are having a good time and connecting to each other in meaningful ways. Call them wedding hacks.


Don’t be surprised if the next wedding you attend hosts a buffet of cannabis for its guests. Joints on silver trays and stacks of THC infused chocolate chip cookies now sit comfortably next to glasses of champagne and cheese platters. Bud bars and budtenders are on the rise, and as they should – it is one of the best wedding hacks around, and with cannabis legal along the west coast, cannabis culture has emerged from behind the barn and into the spotlight as a socially acceptable and playful wedding activity. We encourage you to include The Goodship into your wedding (or any social event) the way you would include wine or beer. Micro-dosing Goodship chocolates, mints, jellies and baked goods is a responsible and beautiful way of introducing cannabis to your event. Goodship is an elegant way to introduce cannabis into the wedding ritual, and a genius hack to increase the number of people on the dance floor, increase the smiles and conversations with your guests. Here are some images of how to present Goodship at your next event, along with a few special wedding hacks guaranteed to bring a little more magic to your special day.


Wedding Magic #23 – Official Wedding Photographer


Being a kid at a wedding can be hard. This prompt is designed to give a kid a fun job and a reason to engage with the rest of the party. Inside the gift bag are three items: a disposable camera, an official badge and a 20-dollar bill. Your task is to find the kid who will come alive with the job of being the ‘official wedding photographer’. Pay them $20 for the assignment and tell them to return the camera to you when all of the pictures have been taken. Remind the kid that there are only 36 shots and a lot of guests so each picture counts!



Wedding Magic #47 – Will You Marry Me?


Okay, so it’s a plastic ring. But sometimes even a plastic ring can make someone feel extra
special. Your job is to survey the crowd and find the one person who you think will smile the
brightest when proposed to. Will it be great grandma Gertrude? Will it be Steve’s 6-year- old
daughter? Will it be the maid of honor’s boyfriend? You are going for pure smile points here, so
study the room, bend a knee and ask someone to marry you. What’s the worst thing that could



Wedding Magic #11 – Hello My Name Is


Funny thing about weddings – a lot of people would prefer to have some job or task rather than stand around awkwardly amongst strangers and distant relatives. I mean, WHO are these people? Your new job is to eat a Goodship cookie, and tell all of these nice strangers that it’s your job to give them a name tag. Of course they can be whoever they want to be, but name tags are a wonderful invention for any gathering and a sure way to break the ice and get people talking.



Wedding Magic #22 – Cleansing the Space


There are a lot of superstitions surrounding weddings and who knows if any of them can bless or curse a new partnership. Probably not. But then again, why take the chance? This white sage is a little bit of magic that is worth employing at any wedding. Sage cleanses and clears a space or a person. Error on caution and burn this sage where the ritual is taking place. Or if someone gets in an argument. It is an eraser for all bad energy and a way to make sure the newlyweds begin their journey without any spiritual pollution.



Wedding Magic #27 – A Pocket Full of Crystals


These really aren’t that expensive. But they are real, and in the kingdom of magic, clear quartz crystals are the supreme gift of Mother Earth. Even the smallest is imbued with the properties of a master healer teacher. Ancients believed these stones to be alive, taking a breath once every hundred years or so, and many cultures thought them to be incarnations of the Divine. They protect, guide, center and kids – kids love them. Pass these magic rocks out sparingly to create wonder, magic and love.



Wedding Magic #36 – The Troublemaker


Weddings are supposed to have at least one trouble maker – that person who dances a little too wild, knocks over a table or tells a dirty joke in front of your mother-in- law. Maybe in the moment they are an embarrassment or an interruption, but weddings shouldn’t be perfectly well-behaved affairs. They are celebrations and that troublemaker (before they break a window and lose the family dog) can usually be accredited to making the wedding unforgettable. Life and marriage is a powder keg of uncertainty and spontaneity and we believe that you should build in a little mischief into your special day. That’s why Wedding Magic #36 includes two squirt guns, three super balls and on bag of glitter. Paired with a Goodship chocolate chip cookie, it requires no additional instructions. It is the fuel and the match to a little wedding mayhem.