All Aboard Goodship’s New Chocolate Tokens!

All Aboard Goodship’s New Chocolate Tokens!

We’re all fired up for the exciting countdown to Goodship’s next launch, chocolate tokens!


Made with 66% organic dark chocolate, and featuring delicious inclusions like toasted quinoa, toffee bits, and flaky sea salt, we can’t wait for our next flight aboard the Goodship with cannabis-infused chocolates. Chocolate tokens are Goodship’s first 100mg THC chocolate product, and we’re excited to introduce each of the four mouth-watering flavors. Each chocolate token is made with rich, fair trade chocolate, and infused with high-quality, clean, distillate cannabis extract.


For a classic yet exquisite chocolate experience, and featuring a bold 200mg of cannabinoids per pouch, try the 1:1 CBD Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Tokens. Each token contains the state maximum per piece of 10mg THC, but with the added 10mg of CBD, a cannabinoid known for calmness and anti-anxiety, your ride aboard the Goodship will smooth and balanced. The CBD Sea Salt tokens are also vegan, gluten free, dairy free, and soy free, making them a great option for both your body and mind.



We couldn’t be more in love with the blend of organic dark chocolate, toffee bits, and a touch of salt, and can’t wait for you to feel the same about the Toffee Crunch Dark Chocolate Tokens. The toffee bits impart sweet caramel notes and the perfect amount of crunch, balanced by a hint of salt. As with all the tokens, each chocolate features 10mg of THC, so be careful to try more than one unless you’re familiar with your cruising altitude – we know it’s hard!


Decadence never tasted so sweet with Goodship’s Malted Milkshake Milk Chocolate Token. 41% fair trade cacao chocolate is blended with malted barley extract for a mind-blowingly creamy, smooth, luscious taste. For all our milk chocolate lovers, you won’t want to pass up this dreamy, creamy ride aboard the Goodship!


Last but far from least, introducing our Quinoa Crunch Dark Chocolate Token. If you think quinoa in chocolate sounds odd, you can think of this bite as a grown-up version of a “Nestle Crunch Bar.” Perfectly toasted, puffed quinoa gives this token a little extra smokiness and crunch, and finishes with the just the right amount of heat with a dash of cayenne pepper. This flavor is vegan, gluten free, dairy free, and soy free, making this another incredibly dietary-friendly option. And it’s a Goodship-team favorite!


Goodship’s new chocolate tokens began hitting shelves early March. As stores order the product, we’ll update the map below twice a week so that you know where to find all this goodness. We can’t wait to hear what you think. All aboard!